DAI reflections

Holders earn 2% of all Buy/Sell transactions in $DAI (PulseChain)

$ 42.41K

Market cap



12,460,185,311 DRS (6.23%)


29,297,033 DAI



No team tokens, marketing and other BS. The entire token supply is in LP.

There is a 3% tax on every Buy/Sell.

2% of the tax is sold for $DAI and then distributed to holders. 1% of the tax sends DAI Reflection tokens to the burn address (reducing the circulating supply).

Total Supply: 200’000’000’000

With the $DRS burn feature, the circulating supply is intended to decrease over time.

Fully locked and burnt for trust and safety.


$DRS is the premier reflections token for the $DAI stablecoin on Pulsechain. Simply by holding $DRS, you ensure a steady inflow of $DAI into your wallet. 100% of the $DRS supply was dedicated to liquidity on Pulsex V2.


Increase awareness about the PulseChain network and the unique value it offers.

Provide the PulseChain community with a chance to enhance their holdings of $DAI.

Contribute additional trading activity to PulseX using $DAI, thereby boosting the Buy & Burn mechanism.

How to buy

Add PulseChain Network to MetaMask

To connect to PulseChain open MetaMask and click the Networks dropdown. Select “Custom Network”. Now enter the following information:

Network Name:


Chain ID:

Currency Symbol:

Block Explorer:

Add Token to MetaMask

Open MetaMask > PulseChain Network
Click “Import tokens” at the bottom
Contract Address: 0x17637e738D095f4E480CabBF55038E4E9e2B235E
Token Symbol: DRS
Token Decimal: 18
Click “Import”

Go to app.pulsex.com

Connect your wallet (be sure your wallet is on the PulseChain network). 

Paste the DAI Reflections ($DRS) contract address into the output token. (If the address is not automatically entered).

Set slippage to 3.5% or higher using the gear icon. 

Enter the amount of $PLS to swap for $DRS.

Click swap and confirm the prompts. 


Fee Burning

A 1% tax is taken from every Buy/Sell transaction and sent to the burn address. This creates an ever-decreasing supply.


A 2% tax is taken from every Buy/Sell transaction and is distributed to all DAI Reflections holder’s wallets in the form of $DAI. The more DAI Reflections tokens you hold in your wallet, the greater share of the reflections you will receive.

Renounced Contract

The contract has no owner/admin keys.

Enabling the PulseChain Network to Thrive

The DAI Reflections token is crafted with the goal of bolstering the PulseChain network’s value and long-term viability. It achieves this by creating a constant need for $DAI. Whenever someone buys or sells the DAI Reflections token, a 2% fee is applied. This fee is then utilized to buy $DAI and distribute it among all token holders. This unique mechanism contributes to an increased demand for $DAI, thereby bolstering its market price.

Owning the DAI Reflections token in your wallet comes with the benefit of earning $DAI reflections. The greater the token volume held by investors, the more reflections they receive, and as a result, the circulating supply of the token decreases.

Moreover, every transaction made on PulseX plays a role in buying and burning the supply of the $PLSX token. This process supports its deflationary nature and reinforces the overall value of the ecosystem.